Beautiful Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende

Gonna try sending several little posts out while we are away – from my iPad…we will see how it works.
Today like most, is spectacularly beautiful in San Miguel (I send love and a warm hug to all my friends and family back home!) We started out in Mexico City – We stayed at the Chillout Flat and B and B – I know, sounds kind of funny but it offered exactly that! David and Eloise (proprietors) were gracious hosts. He is a yoga teacher and has painted the beautiful B and B with gorgeous, saturated, Mexican colors – so vibrant and alive. We loved it. We started our trip there because since my trip to San Miguel last year, I have wanted to be able to go see the wonderful Frida Khalo museum. After reading up on her life, we were able to visit the Museum as well as the studio where she and her husband and fellow artist, Diego Rivera lived and worked for a particular time in their marriage.
What strikes me over all is the incredible suffering she endured and how her art really saved her and gave her the gift of expression. She was a strong spirit for sure and Mexico is so very proud of her!


This was the common room at our B&B that we shared with our friends who are traveling with us…


Frida’s beautiful studio which is in the house, called the Blue House, where she grew up in and lived for many years after her parents had died, with and without Diego.


The beautiful garden courtyard of the lovely Blue House


The spiral staircase that leads up the Diego’s studio.

Ok, more soon – hope you are all well, and safe and warm!


Sunset on our first evening in San Miguel de Allende

One thought on “Beautiful Mexico City and San Miguel de Allende

  1. The lush colors bring my heart to its knees. That your artist self is there, basking in her sadness and in her glorious art. So Grateful for you and Rob to have this experience, together. Much deep love, in my words, to both of you. Mom

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