New Music on the Way…Free Samples are HERE!

IMG_9944Just back from a beautiful Philly Shakti Chant Festival where we rocked with all the bands and had a great set ourselves. So much fun – Loved meeting and singing with the beautiful, spirited Brenda McMorrow (from Canada) and with  the gracious David Newman who welcomed Brenda and I to his wonderful community of yogis and yoginis.  A  joyous day and so close by! – a pleasure to spend the day with most of the band – just hanging out and eating great food and enjoying the beautiful weather and the music – oh the music!

In other news, I have  been working away in the studio for some time now and the tracks are coming along nicely…I like sharing the process of my paintings as they are coming along…well, it occurred to me that I could do the same with my music.  The album should be complete mid August. It always takes longer than you think it’s going to… and it’s always finished in perfect timing.  So  here are your free samples (note, click the buy button and it lets you “pay what you want” – just put a big ole “0” and you won’t be charged a penny to download.

Hope you enjoy!

Fresh Tracks from Clair Oaks

Love, Clair

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