Meditations on the Day ~ (audio gift included in this post for limited time)


Welcome to my new studio space at Heron Studios/Gallery. We are having an Opening Celebration tonight – Won’t you join us?



The link for the preview song Something Beautiful is gone, but when the new album is out, you will get a free download of it!  Stay tuned…You can listen as you browse through the photos below. You can preview some of the tracks from the upcoming album here.



A warm hearth by the window…Love this old building!


Hanging Mexican hearts in the windows…


Large and well lit, yep, inspiring…


Ahhhh, the natural light bathing the studio in the mornings!


The beauty and gift of light and color…


Each moment setting up here in my new space (like every moment) is an opportunity to open to what is happening …an opportunity to see where I resist and where I can soften towards my own experience, whatever it might be…


I am so grateful for this life and the possibilities that are before me…


Picking bittersweet outside the studio…



Bittersweet, a perfect reminder of our human experience…


Preparing for all the Souls that will pass through Heron tonight…may I make them all welcome, may I see them as the beautiful Souls they are…


Staying rooted in the essence of my being allows my heart to stay open to what is…


Listening, again and again, returning to that which never leaves, I am home.


Welcome, welcome, come home to yourSelf and celebrate your vast heart as it swallows you whole!


May the Grace of God be with you always in your heart, May you know the Truth inside you from the start, May you find the strength to know you are a, Part of something BEAUTIFUL!                  ~ Alexi Murdoch





2 thoughts on “Meditations on the Day ~ (audio gift included in this post for limited time)

  1. Clair…this is “beautiful” as you! I feel so privileged to have met you at Rebecca Rivers’ Northern Light Yoga Center in Canton NY. I use your music as well as your voice, leading me through Shavasana and my own yoga practice, and make sure I share your God given talent with my yoga students. Thank you!!

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