Painting Studies: Flower of Life

Flower of Life 20 x 20 Sold

Flower of Life 

"Flower of Life  7" 6 x 6

The symbol, the Flower of Life has been described as  “the visual expression of the connections of life that run through all sentient beings”. You can google it and find much information about this mysterious and beautiful form.

Of late, I have been somewhat obsessed with painting the Flower of Life in a variety of colors and designs.  They are on view now in my gallery.  I hope you’ll take a look… I love seeing them all together.

Each painting takes a different amount of time to complete. The process is very meditative and engenders a welcomed tranquil state of being-ness.   First I paint the background and let it dry completely.  Next, I begin to draw the “flower”, choosing which lines/curves to emphasize as I go along.  Next, for some of them, transparent colors are added for that “stained glass” effect. To others, I add opaque colors, filling in the shapes in the design. You’ll see all my recent Flower of Life paintings first in line in the gallery –  but I have done some others (scroll through the paintings in the gallery).

Each completed painting has it’s own feel, it’s own sense about it.  Each one can draw the viewer inside to the essence of simply being.  See if you can feel their effect…For me, they stimulate an awareness of the paradoxical hum of great stillness/silence, present in all…that Being behind the curtain,  so to speak.  Visit them and let me know what you experience – Enjoy!

"Flower of Life 4" 6 x 6

Each photo of each painting is marked with a # and with it’s size. 6 x 6 paintings in this series are $135,  and 8 x 8 paintings are $150.  Keep in mind that these photo’s are (good) approximations of how the actual painting looks in “person”.  The photos do a pretty good job but there may be variations in color, from what you see here.  If you are local, you can contact me to arrange to visit them in person! However keep in mind they may not  last long!

If you would like to purchase a painting from the gallery, please email me at, with the name/# of the painting(s) you are interested in (I recommend putting 1st, 2nd and 3rd choices) and the paintings will be sold on a “first come (first email received)” basis.  

  Happy viewing and Happy HOLI-days.

"Flower of Life 15" 6 x 6

"Flower of Life 3" 6 x 6" Sold

"Flower of Life 12" 6 x 6

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