Whether or not you like the book or the movie … Eat*Pray*Love does sort of say it all doesn’t it.

Clair Oaks: Artist, Musician, Yogini, Hard Worker, Mother, wife, sister, daughter, friend, lover of art, music, fun, laughter, lover of love, openness, happiness, fruitfullness, juiciness, time well spent, sing, song, jump, dance, eat lusciousness, see, feel, touch, be…

I have a new WEBSITE where you can see and purchase my art and music.

I used to blog occasionally here at Clair Oaks Creations. Now new blog posts will be at http://www.clairoaks.com.

I am totally inspired by music and art and love making it.  You can purchase cd’s here and download my music at my bandcamp page .  For many years I taught private yoga classes and do bodywork associated with the yoga I teach.   I birthed Soul Source Yoga many years ago and helped birth SOUL SOURCE Center for Conscious Living in Swarthmore PA.  Now I am a full time artist.  Mostly I paint and make music, with a little jewelry making and photography on the side!

I love to create beauty through music and through painting (acrylic’s on canvas mostly). You can see my paintings on my website where you will also find my art and music store.
I make cards and other things with my paintings on them that you can purchase  at local stores in Suburban Philadelphia.

I like to make music and art that inspires people to know they are creative, caring beings who can make a difference in the world.  I’d love to hear about what inspires you.

Flora Bowley is my painting mentor…she inspires me…see below for her wonderful e-course.

check out her incredible e-course here (and using this link to sign up for it supports me in buying my art supplies – thank you!)

8 thoughts on “About

  1. Since I listen to your music daily in my yoga practice and on my ride to & from work, I love the idea of reading your blog. I have started one (see website) and, I am also on a creative journey. I have the book Eat Pray Love and it is waiting for me to read it.

    • Hi dear – what i have on Flickr is pretty much everything except what’s being worked on now – I have not done as much painting in the last couple months but am about to ramp up and get back to it! will send out the progress on this blog! xoxox

  2. Dearest Clair,
    Your sweet mama sent me a sampling of your cards, and I just LOVE your art! Thank you so much for opening your art-heart. Your art makes me dream, makes me calm – I’m eager to see more, and to see you!

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